Thursday, September 4, 2014

Changes causes unintended reactions....

Life has a way of thrusting you into situations to see what you are really made of. I am going through some of those situations currently. Isn't it amazing when you make a decision to improve an area of your life...people are immediately affected when you take action on it. I have always been an advocate for self-development in all aspects of life, but not everyone really gravitate towards that mindset. In fact, you will find some people in your life or in your circle start to behave indifferent, unsupportive or even directly or indirectly attempt to sabotage your efforts to improve.

This reminds me of one of what one of my mentors in life taught me...there are seven levels of people in your life and only the pinnacle level of people you can truly call your friends. True friends love you unconditionally and show support for your efforts to improve. Just keep in mind, when you decide and take action to improve your life...keep an eye on how people react to's amazing how people really behave. People are super fascinating to me!

I have learned through wise counsel and great reading that people will be people, no matter how you slice it. Although I still have to remind myself of this fact...people are still and wonderful creatures God created. I would recommend some resources that certainly helped me in my own journey of self-development. Hope you find this helpful...Mentor to help.
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