Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It’s not fair!! Why do business owners have to pay so much for their independence?

Sometimes you wonder how business owners make it through the challenges of running their enterprises…in some cases…pure perseverance! No one said it was easy but gaining and maintaining your independence sure it worth it.

Let’s not get started on all the expenses it takes to keep the business running such as direct mail marketing, client/customer retention programs, credit card processing, branding online & offline presence efficiently, business reputation, refunds and exchanges, overhead costs, turnover rate for employees and the list goes on.

With all of that going on, no wonder business owners never sleep! Having watched countless family and friends go through this juggling makes me tired.. Whew! I have offered my helping hand on occasion only to have them push me out of the way because I lack their expertise necessary to get the job done.

As a person that truly wants to help business owners increase their revenue up to 30% or more almost immediately, I have some great news! If I could show you a way to communicate to your customer/client base and have at least 90% respond to your request almost immediately...then click on this Communication vehicle to increase your revenue.

View the information and text or leave a voicemail message at 754-300-6977 when you are ready to increase your ROI in your business.

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