Friday, September 12, 2014

Why I decided to be part of this great industry

By Mentor Shelly

I am humbled and inspired all at the same time. I actually teared up watch her pour out her heart to this audience. I am among the most positive, energizing dreamers that I have had the pleasure to encounter and I love it! I am reminded of why I became a network marketer and why the struggle is worth it.

Unfortunately, some people are so clouded by their misconceptions and negativity, they forget every cloud has a silver lining. For every bad attitude you encounter, there is a smile and a pleasant person around the next corner...know it is only momentary.

You only find what you are looking for in life....If you look for negativity, you will always find it. If you are praying for a chance to truly revitalize your life, this information may help to answer some of those questions.

I want you to have the pleasure of listening to "WHY" she decided to become a network marketer.

If this story encouraged you or gave you better insight on the industry and the caliber of people that it produces...I invite you to truly make a decision to be open for a chance of a lifetime!
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